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RECHARGE (Discounted first session) $25 • 1 visit • First-time, discounted session of Whole Body Cryotherapy with CryoZone, so you can take the plunge and get in the CryoZone.

RELIEF (One Session) $40 • 1 visit • A single session of Whole Body Cryotherapy will give your body the instant relief it needs from inflammation, soreness or insomnia. This quick, two and a half minute treatment allows you to recover faster, so you can work harder.

REBOOT (Three Sessions) $100 • 3 visits • Three sessions of Whole Body Cryotherapy will serve as a system reboot. CryoZone encourages you to utilize all three sessions consecutively for optimal results. With three back-to-back sessions, your body will experience a drop in blood pressure, alleviation of joint pain and increased energy. Group rates available

RECOVER (Five Sessions) $150 • 5 visits • Five sessions of Whole Body Cryotherapy is a comprehensive approach to your sports injury recovery or post-intensive training. With five consecutive sessions, freshly oxygenated blood has flushed the area of inflammation and sends enriched blood back to the area of necessary repair. Group rates available

7 sessions for $99 consecutive $99 • 7 visits • has to be used consecutively for 7 days , does not roll over and is non transferable to friends or family.

7 Sessions in 30 days $100 • 7 visits • 7 sessions

Gift Card $25 $25 • 1 visit • $25 dollars to use towards any service

Gift Card $100 $100 • 1 visit • godd for 12 months after purchase date

Gift Card $50 $50 • 1 visit • good for 12 months after purchase date